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Flash is a product by Macromedia and is known for its animation capabilities. It can also be used to create custom web interfaces unlike anything which can be produced with HTML. One neat thing about Flash is that it is scaleable. You can change the size of your browser window and the Flash layout can resize.

In the spring of 2002 I took a Flash class from Wayne Knowles at Chemeketa Community College.Here are some of my experiments and assignments. You will need the Flash plug-in to see these examples.Flash Player

Class Notes


  • AO - shape shifting text
  • Banner 1 - a simple text banner
  • Bird - character following a path with separate MIDI music
  • Blue Planets - instances of an animated graphic symbol change size
  • Bouncing Ball - basic animation with squash and stretch
  • Button - an animated button
  • Face - first atempt at shape tweening between two keyframes
  • First Drawing - first night's experimentation with drawing tools
  • Game - the start of a simple Pong game.
  • Hello - a simple keyframe animation
  • Motion Tween 1 - instances change position, size, angle, and transparency
  • Name - animating by erasing between keyframes and reversing the sequence
  • Pen - using the pen tool to create basic shapes and filling with gradients
  • Planet Orbit - using an elliptical guide layer
  • Rolling Ball 1 - simple motion tweening between keyframes
  • Rolling Balls - motion tweening different instances of the same symbol
  • Rolling Balls 2 - this version messes with your mind
  • Soft Mask - a soft edged mask travels across an image
  • Sony - importing an Illustrator file
  • Spelling - first attempt at using a moving mask


  • Banner - an animated banner using text and moving images
  • Jukebox - an interface for playing music (MP3) files
  • Shells - a web interface
  • Zip the Bunny - a cartoon character



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