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Jim Blodget is a Media Specialist at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. He is taking a sabbatical this year to study and explore the art and science of digital media. More about Jim...

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"Because it's no fun unless you share".

This is a demonstration website which explores the world of digital media. Follow the jelly beans to discover comparisons, samples, projects, tools and resources for each media. More about this website (history, colophon and specifications).

Places to go

  • Jim's Studio - current experiments and research
  • Forum - discussions, questions and answers
  • Giftshop - unique, free, handcrafted items
  • Podcast - archive of the Zipboingwow Show
  • Links - sites of interest for creators of digital media
  • Index - a list of this site's pages

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Established: September 30, 2001
Updated: February 25, 2006


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