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Jim's Studio

Jim's Studio

Hi, I'm Jim Blodget digital media specialist at Chemeketa Community College. Ordinarily you'd find me in the college's Digital Media Lab, but this year I am on sabbatical. More about me and my sabbatical. Jim

Experiments: items already on the website

  • Christmas Card - original illustration and midi music.
  • Birdbath webcam - an example of displaying random pictures from a folder of images.
  • Postcards - send a virtual card to a friend.
  • Panorama - a picture of my back porch and yard stitched together from 7 separate digital photos.
  • Carousel - animated GIF made from digital photos of a toy.
  • Tech Notes - a sample electronic notebook which opens in a separate window and uses thml frames.
  • Keebook - a sample booklet made with a free authoring software (Windows only).
  • Site Diary - a single page diary made by modifying a free Guestbook Perl script.
  • Journal - a simple multi-page journal made using frames with a table of contents, next and previous buttons
  • Forum - a very nice, simple to use and maintain bulletin board system. It's free, scripted in Perl and is from
  • Web Gallery - a collection of photos made using Adobe Photoshop Elements' Web Gallery feature. (See Pictures for more collections).

Research: items I'm researching for future implementation

  • forms processing
  • file uploads
  • file downloads
  • site search
  • private folders with password protection




Established: September 30, 2001
Updated: December 19, 2001


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