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About Jim Blodget

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I've been an instructor since 1972 and a media specialist at Chemeketa Community College since 1976. I work with faculty to develop instructional materials such as websites, CD-ROMs, computer presentations, and videos. I teach web design, web graphics, and web photography and have taught online since 1997. This year I am on sabbatical researching and working in a variety of digital media including web design, photography, illustration,and video and sound recording and editing.

Over the years I've been a still photographer, a videographer, a television producer, director and editor, a computer programmer, an instructor, an artist, a musician (piano), and a magician. I like the outdoors. I do some kayaking, hiking, and gardening and I practise tai ji. I'm also interested in electronic music. I have a small studio at home where I compose and record my own music. Here's a Real audio music example which works over 28.8 modems.

My wife Kris is an artist ( and our daughter Elizabeth is attending the University of Oregon.



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