Zipboingwow Show #8

South Falls Walk

Recorded Sunday, January 9, 2005 by Jim Blodget

Track #9; Sounds of the Willamette Valley CD, Recordings by: James D. Blodget © 2002

Length:5 minutes

Download the file: zbw8_1-9-05.mp3 (2.3 Mb, 64 kbps, 22khz, stereo)


This week we walk the canyon trail behind South Falls at Silver Falls State Park near Silverton, Oregon. The falls are full and the water roars over the top and crashes to the canyon floor 177 feet below. This is my favorite binaural recording. Listen for the subtle details such as how the water falls in sheets and the individual drops as they hit my head. I approach closer and closer until I am directly behind the falls. I turn and face the full power or the water, and then I turn and walk back the way I came. Use headphones to get the full experience.

South Falls

Equipment list:

This recording is unedited other than a fade in at the beginning and a fade out at the end. I used iTunes to convert the CD track to a 64 kbps, 22khz. MP3 file and to set the ID3 tags.