Zipboingwow Show #6

Christmas Music

Recorded Thursday, December 23, 2004 by Jim Blodget

Length: 8 minutes

Download the file: zbw6_12-23-04.mp3 (3.6 Mb, 64 kbps, 22khz, stereo)

Show listing:


This week's show is all Christmas music. I played each piece on my Roland U-20 in my home recording studio. I recorded the music a few years ago to audiocassette. Today's show was recorded from the cassette in stereo. Feel free to use the music in any way you like. The MIDI files are available on our 2001 Christmas Card.

Equipment list:

I recorded the show live in real time to my iBook and saved the file as an AIFF at 44khz., 16bit stereo. I used iTunes to set the ID3 tags and convert the AIFF file to a 64 kbps, 22khz. MP3 file.