Zipboingwow Show #4

Stereo Roosters and Salem Riverfront Carousel

Recorded Saturday, December 11, 2004 by Jim Blodget

Length: 7 minutes

Download the file: zbw4_12-11-04.mp3 (3.2Mb, 64 kbps, 22khz, stereo)

Show listing:


This week I experimented with making binaural field recordings using my new invention - the stereo hat microphone. The mics are positioned on either side of the hat under the band.

stereo hat micmic under band

I first walked out to the chicken house to get a stereo recording of the roosters. The next day I drove downtown and used the same setup to make a recording walking around Salem's Riverfront Carousel. Both recordings have good stereo separation. Be sure to listen using headphones to get the full binaural effect.

Equipment list:

I copied the mp3 files from the iRiver to my iBook using the iRiver Music Manaagement software . I then used Audacity to open and edit the MP3 recordings and add the fade in and fade out. I exported each one as a 16 bit, 44khz. stereo AIFF file. I recorded my voice directly into the computer. I then combined the opening music, my voice, and the two field recordings in SoundEdit 16 using 5 tracks (one stereo pair for the music, another stereo pair for the field recordings, and one monaural track for voice). I did a mix down to a stereo pair and saved the new document as a 16 bit, 44khz. stereo AIFF file. I used iTunes to set the ID3 tags and convert the AIFF mix to a 64 kbps, 22khz. MP3 file.