Zipboingwow Show #3

Amtrak Train #11

Recorded Friday, December 3, 2004 by Jim Blodget

Length: 2 minutes

Download the file: zbw3_12-3-04.mp3 (868 Kb, 64 kbps, 22khz, stereo)

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Equipment list:

I copied the mp3 file from the iRiver to my iBook using the iRiver Music Manaagement software . I then used Audacity to edit the recording and add the fade in and fade out. I used iTunes to set the ID3 tags and convert the 160 kbps, 44 khz recording to 64 kbps, 22khz.

My Dad came up to visit us for a week at Thanksgiving. He traveled by train and I made this recording at the Salem station as he was about to leave. I was facing the tracks and stood less than 10 feet away as the train arrived.The mics were clipped to the front of my heavy padded jacket and we stood in the midst of a small crowd waiting to catch the train.

The engine is so loud that the recording becomes way over modulated, but it's fun to listen on headphones and hear the train screech though your head from left to right.