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7/27/01 6:31:17 PM


Exposure tests - Ilford FP4 ISO 125

Bright sunny day. clear blue sky

The built-in meter of my Olympus OM2 set to ASA 125 indicates:

f:16 at 1/60


Subject: grey card, grey scale and color chart on easel in font of geraniums on back porch.

Subject distance: 16 ft. (focused on charts)


Time: 12:15 (just after noon) to 12:35


Sheet #1,2,3

1. f:11 at 1/50

2. f:16 at 1/50

3. f:22 at 1/50

4. f:32 at 1/50

filmholder orientation

Here's a tip: when shooting test exposures on 3 sheets, set up each shot and shoot it on each sheet, then change exposure and shoot it on three sheets and so on. Don't do 4 shots on one sheet and then 4 on the next, etc.