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Planet Orbit


The trick to this experiment was to get the blue planet to start from behind the sun and then cross in front. Both the planet and the sun are instances of the same symbol. The sun instance was resized and an effects tint was used to make it yellow. Two copys of the blue planet were used. The first one is in a layer below the sun. The second copy is above the sun layer and starts from the far left and travels to the far right. Since it is an exact copy, it hides the planet in the lower layer. Both copies follow their own guide layer which have an elliptical guide. There is a small break in the ellipse (which is covered up by the sun) so that the planet has a starting and ending point on the guide. The planet's size starts out at 50% when it's behind the sun, goes to 100% at the far left, changes to 200% in the middle, 100% at the far right and 50% again behind the sun.



Established: September 30, 2001
Updated: May 8, 2002


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